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Barolo vineyards

What we offer

Tailor made, or all inclusive

Wine tasting in Barbaresco

All inclusive

Leave your wallet at home!

For a fixed price I can offer you:

  • First class hotel accommodation

  • Airport pickup/return

  • All local transportation

  • All meals with drinks

  • All winery visits

  • eBike rental 

Go for a bike tour in the vineyards

Tailor made

If you don't want our all inclusive package just tell me what you want from your stay. Tell me what experiences you expect to bring home. What you like to eat, and what wines you would like to taste. Would you like to rent an eBike to get around? How many of you are travelling this time? What time of year would you like to travel, and for how many days?

Ask me for a price, only for designing your trip or also if you want me to come along to be your guide. 

Rent a bike for a tour in the vineyards
Enjoy the Piemontese cuisine

Contact me for an offer

To receive a program suggestion and a price offer please send me an email to 

And you will hear from me very soon. 

I promise you the best Piemonte experience!

Guest review June 2023:

We are delighted with the arrangement and content. There was a good increase in what we experienced over the two days from the Queen Barbaresco to the King Barolo. And the "everyday wine" Barbera.
And great places to see.
The wine tastings were very good. Both "Italian champagne" with the beautiful cathedrals of Canelli and Barolo were very competent and had a lot of history. We enjoyed ourselves and were pleasantly surprised. Many people bought wines after the wine tastings. Some people believe that Barolo is the world's best wine. Very good that the owner showed up.
The festive dinner was absolutely fantastic, lovely food, good service and the sunset over the Alps. Many people remember it.
The bus drivers were skilled and drove comfortably, they were also flexible with regard to return.

Celebrate in the vineyards
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